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Home Aquariums, living with fish

Marine life that will lead you to a healthy environment!

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Home Aquariums, living with fish

An aquarium can be described as an artificial habitat for marine life. Normally we think of only tropical fish when we consider having an aquarium, but aquariums can house even aquatic mammals and amphibians. Now if you are thinking of an aquarium for home, there are a wide variety of fishes and aquarium plants you can choose from. Plants enhance beauty, offer shade to fish, serve as spawning nest and food. You van even use plastic plants. The best fish for home aquarium are butterfly fish, bicolor blenny, pseudochromis, clownfish, goby, firefish, fox lace etc.

Maintaining an aquarium is a hobby for many around the world. If you are a true lover of fish, you can have your own little private collection of marine life at your home. They in their own way provide some tranquility in a world full of stress and strain.

Home aquariums can be made to replicate marine environment like the Barrier Reef or even the Amazon River. However before getting an aquarium for the home you must know how to maintain it. Tropical fish tanks may be salt water or fresh water. Experts however suggest that one should start with fresh water home aquarium, as salt-water aquarium is expensive and difficult to maintain. You can always switch over to salt water aquarium or home reef aquarium later using most of the same available equipments. A home aquarium generally consists of glass panels bound with silicone. Because of lightweight and durability acrylic home aquariums are gaining popularity. They are readily available at pet shops.Where selection of fish and supplies is concerned, the pet shopkeeper is well trained to guide you in this matter.

A home reef aquarium is usually made of glass or acrylic. The acrylic ones are attractive but expensive. Fishes like centropyge, tangs, amphiprion, mandarin fish, and dragonnettes can be kept here. Filtration and lighting in home reef aquarium is important because of photosynthesis. In order to survive the corals must produce, you,,, may be accessed for home aquarium tips and pictures of home aquariums.

Home aquarium care is essential for healthy environment for the entire family. It has to be kept clean both from outside as well as inside. The ideal temperature is 23 to 28 o Celsius. Where lighting is concerned, colour temperature ranging from 5000-7000 0 is ideal depending upon the variety of animals. Ph testing kits should be used to determine the acidity or alkalinity of the tank water.

If a beginner,get for yourself a small home aquarium and create your own little sea world at home.

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