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Modern Kids Room Furniture from Dielle

Need help to your kid's bedroom... Read on...

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Modern Kids Room Furniture from Dielle

To fill a child’s world in one room is a tough job! Creating room for the toys, books, sports equipments, shoes, clothes, computers, tables and all their imagination can become daunting, but thanks to Dielle, this task is now much simpler.

Manufacturing minimalistic furniture that is accommodating and takes little room for itself, the company executes bright ideas that save space. The cupboards, drawers, beds and other pieces of furniture provided by them are not only simple and pleasant to look at, they are also conveniently fitted together to maximize space.

These rooms play host to creativity. With eye-grabbing color schemes that are soothing as well as exciting, they help in stimulating the cells that lie dormant. Pink rooms for girls and blue rooms for boys are a thing of the past; take a look at the images here to see what we mean.

Minggu, 28 Agustus 2011

Choosing Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors Rather Than Conventional Types

Mirror mirror on the wall...

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Choosing Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors Rather Than Conventional Types

Your bathroom renovations or upgrades should be done with a lot of care and thought. Get to know the different products available on the market area. By doing so, you'll have extremely satisfactory results. That's because you will definitely bring in beauty as well as practicality and function. All these are very important in the bathroom. That will bring you to comparing the various items on the market, like vanities or mirrors. Then you would clearly seeing why you should choose illuminated bathroom mirrors over conventional ones.

Technology and innovation have touched practically every product as we know it today. Avoiding moving forward will only keep us back. That means that we won't be bringing in the best things to simplify our lives and make our homes function better.

What you put into your home is exactly what you're going to get out of it. For example, if you find storage solutions and use them to their full extent, you will have an organized and stress-free home. And, when you invest in products that can be time-savers, you actually make life so much easier for yourself.

These bathroom mirrors which light up will improve your home. In terms of style, there are numerous models to choose from area they come in all types of shapes and sizes as well. So, it won't be difficult to find the right one. All you have to do is apply some interior design tricks and you'll figure it out. That means being patient.

Its design, shape, and size should all blend in well with the overall decor. For instance, in a contemporary bathroom, it would probably be best to choose something that is square or rectangular. There should be no fussiness about it and no curves at all.

With regards to the size, this too is extremely important. Making an incorrect decision will affect the outcome. One of the biggest mistake that people make is incorporating a mirror that's far too small for the size of the vanity or the wall.

After having said all that, you need to focus on the particular item and what it can do for you. For one thing, it brings an extra light in the room that really needs it. As most people get themselves ready in this room, having the best lighting is absolutely necessary. It facilitates applying makeup, shaving, or other task that you may have. The problem with conventional mirrors is that we rely on them and they give us false results because the lighting usually comes from the ceiling. That can cast shadows and render tasks practically impossible to complete.

Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

Tips for Creating a Pet Friendly Home

Let's pamper your pets!

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Tips for Creating a Pet Friendly Home

For many pet owners their dogs, cats and other furry or feathered friends are a part of the family. They have free run of the house and make themselves as at home as the two-legged members of the household. But let's face it, they can cause a mess. So here are some tips for keeping your pet-filled home as clean and attractive as possible.

Use pet-friendly fabrics on the furniture as much as you can. Save not-so-pet friendly fabrics like silks and velvets for areas the pets won't be using (such as window treatments). And be honest with yourself. If you're going to invite the dog into bed to cuddle with you make sure you have the appropriate washable bedding.

If you have a dog or a cat it's fairly safe to say that vacuuming is a big part of your life. Save yourself time and hassle by investing in a good quality vacuum. Cheap versions often don't have as strong a suction and it can make it a lot tougher to pick up pet hair.

Don't use wall-to-wall carpet. Pet stains are a fact of life and it can be really tough to remove odor from carpets. No matter how often you clean it the stains can set in and eventually it can even get a bit moldy. If you like the look and feel of carpet try an area rug that can be removed and periodically sent for cleaning.

Keep pet accessories like leashes, coats, and whatever else your pet uses outside near the entrance the pet uses most frequently. It's also a good idea to keep a towel there for wiping down dirty paws. This will prevent him or her from tracking in dirt.

Keep toys and treats in attractive containers. Wicker baskets are great for pet toys (unless he or she chews on it in which case you might want to find an alternative). Treats are great in nice glass or metal kitchen canisters. There are also tons of nice ones available in pet stores.

Create a designated area for your pet to eat and drink. Set aside a corner of the kitchen, mudroom, or whatever area works in your home and have a placemat set up with food and water bowls. Make it attractive so that it works with your décor and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

If you really want to go that extra step you can buy furniture that matches your pet. It might sound a little crazy but choosing a sofa fabric in the same color shades as your pet's fur will keep the sofa from looking really hairy all the time. Granted, the hair will still be there until you clean it, but at least casual visitors won't notice it!

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What does your sleeping "position" say about you as a person?

Which sleeping position is best for you?

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What does your sleeping "position" say about you as a person?

Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service analysed six common sleeping positions - and found that each is linked to a particular personality type.

What your sleeping position says about you ...


Those who curl up in the foetus position are described as tough on the outside but sensitive at heart. They may be shy when they first meet somebody, but soon relax. This is the most common sleeping position, adopted by 41% of the 1,000 people who took part in the survey. More than twice as many women as men tend to adopt this position.


Lying on your side with both arms down by your side. These sleepers are easy going, social people who like being part of the in-crowd, and who are trusting of strangers. However, they may be gullible.


People who sleep on their side with both arms out in front are said to have an open nature, but can be suspicious, cynical. They are slow to make up their minds, but once they have taken a decision, they are unlikely ever to change it.


Lying on your back with both arms pinned to your sides. People who sleep in this position are generally quiet and reserved. They don't like a fuss, but set themselves and others high standards.


Lying on your front with your hands around the pillow, and your head turned to one side. Often gregarious and brash people, but can be nervy and thin-skinned underneath, and don't like criticism, or extreme situations.


Lying on your back with both arms up around the pillow. These sleepers make good friends because they are always ready to listen to others, and offer help when needed. They generally don't like to be the centre of attention.

The remainder of those in the poll said the position they fell asleep varied or did not know.

Professor Idzikowski also examined the effect of various sleeping positions on health. He concluded that the freefall position was good for digestion, while the starfish and soldier positions were more likely to lead to snoring and a bad night's sleep.

Professor Idzikowski said "Lying down flat means that stomach contents can more readily be worked back up into the mouth, while those who lie on their back may end up snoring and breathing less well during the night. "Both these postures may not necessarily awaken the sleeper but could cause a less refreshing night's sleep."

The research also found that most people are unlikely to change their sleeping position. Just 5% said they sleep in a different position every night.

Minggu, 21 Agustus 2011

How to Take Good Care of Your Marble Floor

Want to maintain the look of your marble flooring? Read on.

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How to Take Good Care of Your Marble Floor

Marble, indeed, is beautiful and attractive, which is usually used to make countertops, mantles, table tops and especially floors.

There are great choice of colors, sizes and shapes of marble tiles. Yes, there are absolutely plenty of choices to choose from, make sure that you have a very good idea in mind in choosing the style and design you want for your floor.

When buying the marble tiles for your floor, the shape, size, color and design are things you have to consider. Another factor to look into is the measurement, since the marble tiles are being sold by square foot.

As soon as you find the right marble tile for your floor, have it installed, and viola! You definitely have a beautiful, attractive sparkling floor.

You have to remember that to maintain the beauty and spark of the marble floor you have at home, there are some preventive measures that should be taken into consideration. You have to make sure that the marble floor would always looks at its best. If in case, the marble becomes dirty, the marble should be cleaned immediately.

You always have to bear in mind that you have to protect your marble floor from any damage.

But at some point no matter how you protect your marble floor, it becomes dirty. There are ways to make your marble floor clean. First thing you need to do is prepare lukewarm water and a soft, clean sponge that you will need in cleaning the marble floor. In cleaning the marble, you have to make sure that the sponge is just barely wet; you do not need to use too much water in cleaning your marble floor.

Rub the marble gently until your marble floor is shining and clean again. If in case, the marble floor is enormously dirty, scrubbing with lukewarm water and sponge won't do. You better use a little amount of dry borax and a clean damp cloth. Scrub the marble gently and dry it will clean cloth until it is sparkling clean again.

There are also some marble polish that you can purchase and use in cleaning you marble floor. You have to make sure to mix the marble polish with water and use a clean and dry cloth in cleaning your marble floor, so to make sure that the shine will be restore at to what it looks like before.

Marble floor can make your home look attractive and beautiful, so should be taken care of as well, you have to maintain its shine and beauty, in order to make sure that it will continually to look its best. Marble floor have also a cooling effect, which is an advantage to those homes with tropical climates. Marble floor will maintain the coolness in ones home.

Indeed, marble floor has a lot of advantages in a home, but of course you have to bear in mind that you have to take good care of your marble floor as well. This article have mentioned some ways on how to take good care of your marble floor, so now it is up to you if you take it into consideration, if yes, then, definitely your marble tiles at home will maintain its shine and beauty.

Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011

Leather Vs. Fabric Sofas

Are Leather or Fabric Sofas more durable?

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Leather Vs. Fabric Sofas

Buyers shopping for a new sofa should consider their budgets, lifestyles and decorating tastes when deciding between leather and fabric. Differences between the two include price, durability and choice of colors. Cleaning methods also vary. Manufacturers continue to improve the qualities of leather and fabrics, building on the rich histories of the two coverings.


Sofas date to Greek and Roman times when they were used more for reclining while eating than sitting. Originally covered in fabric, leather has been used as an upholstery material for couches since the Renaissance period. Spanish craftsmen excelled at embossing, tooling and painting leather furniture. The Industrial Revolution caused a steep price drop in couches, making them available to more people. A recent innovation in sofa covering is the 1989 introduction of ultra suede, derived from synthetic microfiber fabrics first developed in Japan in the early 1970s.

Leather Benefits

Manufacturers choose leather for sofas because of its many attractive traits, including its tried and true reputation. Leather is durable and repels stains. It cleans easily, making it a good choice for families with children and pets who need a low-maintenance material. Also, very few people are allergic to leather. It comes in a variety of colors, including red, blue and popular neutral tones. Leather can be expensive, although it has come down in price due to new manufacturing methods.

Cleaning Leather

In the Good Housekeeping article "How to Clean a Leather Sofa," hints maven Heloise recommends dusting often and vacuuming seat crevices. Before applying any surface protectant, make sure it is approved for leather. Use a cloth to wipe up spills as soon as they happen. Avoid using saddle soap, furniture polish or alcohol-based cleaners when cleaning a leather sofa. These cleaning items can change the leather's pigmentation.

Fabric Benefits

Fabric sofas come in a wide variety of patterned and solid designs, giving a room a specific look. Fabrics provide a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns. Fabrics can be chosen to match drapes and curtains and are made from cotton blends, silks, other natural fabrics, man-made materials or blends. Microfiber fabrics are also used on sofas because they resist wrinkles and moisture while keeping their shape and form.

Cleaning Fabric

According to the article "Caring for a Fabric Sofa" at, before treating a stain, spot test any cleaner on part of the sofa that is not usually seen. A wet cloth can usually be used to clean stains as soon as possible. Applying a protective spray can increase the fabric's longevity. Using upholstery attachments for vacuuming is also recommended.

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Labware Lights Series Display a Fascinating Chemistry

Searching new lighting for your house? Let this creative & interesting collection inspire you!

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Labware Lights Series Display a Fascinating Chemistry

The Labware Series consists of pendant lights, table and floor lamps, all in the shape of lab tubes and cylinders. Three simple elements were adjoined to shape each light: mouth-blown white opaque glass that, due to the nature of the material, makes each light unique, a hand-turned oak cork bark stopper from Portugal and braided blue flex. All the lights come with a bright white low energy bulb. The collection gathers beautifully designed lighting systems: a spherical pendant lamp, a large spherical table or floor lamp, a conical pendant lamp, a large conical table or floor lamp, a cylindrical pendant lamp and a cylindrical table or floor lamp. Designed by award-winning Benjamin Hubert, the Labware Lights won the Blueprint Award for Best New Product at 100% Design, so if you want your guests to express their admiration for your good taste, this is a collection of lights you should look into.

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Beautiful Shelf Designs by Maria Yasko

This is absolutely gorgeous!

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Beautiful Shelf Designs by Maria Yasko

A few weeks back, we featured the creative stylings of Maria Yasko in an article showcasing her design project for a family entertainment center. Apparently, designers like her are in high demand for people in need of innovative ideas to maximize the use of space in their homes. It helps to create more storage and shelf space in such a way that doesn’t interrupt, but cleverly enhances the style of a room.

The following series was designed by Maria Yasko who came up with some cool concepts for modular shelving that also serve as pieces of wall art. Go ahead…be inspired!

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The Integrated Fridge

A fridge can sometimes stick out like a sore thumb in the midst of your interior decor, especially when it's hard to find a fridge that can fit in with the theme of your decor. Having a seamless integrated fridge might just be the thing for you.

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The Integrated Fridge

I think most people would agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where all the meals are prepared, where everyone goes to fetch a snack or a drink, and where family members often gather. It’s a room you spend a lot of time in. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that this room is receiving a lot of attention when it comes to building and remodeling. Lots of new trends have come along for kitchens in the past few years. One of the most dramatic is the fully integrated kitchen, including an integrated fridge.

What’s an integrated kitchen?

An integrated kitchen is one in which everything matches – cabinets and appliances. There’s a seamless flow, with no metal appliances visible. An integrated refrigerator is part of this decorating scheme. Integrated refrigerators are fitted with a wooden panel over the door that’s crafted to match your cabinetry. An integrated fridge door is stained or painted and routed or fitted with molding and hardware to completely match the wooden cabinets in your kitchen.

Standard refrigerators have to be placed where they have enough air space around them for proper ventilation, but integrated refrigerators are different. Most of them are ventilated from the front instead of from the back like older refrigerators, so they can be placed anywhere.

Types of styles of integrated refrigerators

Integrated fridges come in several different styles. Homeowners might choose an appliance that’s all refrigerator space, or one that’s a combination integrated refrigerator freezer. Configurations can include models with the freezer on top or on the bottom. Side-by-side units are also available, along with slide-out refrigerator or freezer drawers.

If you decide at some point in the future that you need more cooling area, it’s easy to add an under counter fridge or freezer that will match your existing kitchen décor. You can even add an ultra chic wine cooler!

Many homeowners are using the integrated fridge freezers in other rooms in the house, too. They make great additions to family rooms, home bars, game rooms, and mother-in-law suites. They’ll fit in practically anywhere!

The specifications

Integrated refrigerators come in several different sizes, and most of these new units are very energy efficient, which will save you money on your power bill. Some have handy alarms that alert you when the door or refrigerator drawer is left ajar – another energy-saving characteristic. Many integrated fridges also have electronic controls upfront that are super simple to use.

Another wonderful point about most integrated fridges or integrated fridge freezers is that they have specific temperature zones for different types of foods. This allows different foods to be kept at their optimum storage temperatures, increasing their storage life – yet another money-saving feature.

Why you should consider an integrated fridge

If you’re building or remodeling, consider adding a fully integrated fridge or integrated fridge freezer to your kitchen or other rooms in your home. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what a difference this type of appliance will make in the appearance of the room, and you’ll love all the handy functions an integrated refrigerator offers.

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Tips to Reduce Electricity Bills

Hot weather is causing Electricity Bills to soar!

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Tips to Reduce Electricity Bills

People often complaint about high bills, but forget the fact that they themselves are responsible for that. Using refrigerator, air conditioning and heating systems, washing machines, dishwashers, and dryers is common now. Saving energy automatically results in saving money. A little responsible attitude can prevent you from wasting energy and reducing bills.

Following are given the list of items used to reduce the electricity bills:

- CFL Lights
- Commercial Solar Panels
- Residential Solar Panels
- Solar Heaters


1. You have to start with inspecting your electrical equipment. Many times defective components of electrical appliances cause you to pay heavy bills. You can take help from certified electrician to inspect the performance of your electrical appliances like heating and cooling systems, ventilation, refrigerators etc. Inspection though causes you $50 to $100, but it has a long term impact on your saving in the coming time.

The use of energy saving products in offices and homes can be very handy in reducing electricity bills to large an extent.

2. The better way is to exchange your incandescent lights with more energy efficient fluorescent lamps. The best example is CFL lights which can save up to 75 percent of energy than the traditional fluorescent lights. Also CFL lights have longer life than traditional lights.

3. To reduce electricity bills, keep the thermostat reading at 78 degrees or higher. This will help you save energy.

4. As much as possible avoid using electrical appliances at peak day hours. Instead you can use dryer, dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaners in the evening time of the day.

5. Provide proper ventilation to your home. Keep your windows and doors open to let the fresh and cool air come in.

6. Keep the filter of your air conditioner clean. Regularly check your air conditioner filter for any accumulated dirt or grime. This will improve the performance of your air conditioner and also reduces the consumption of energy.

7. Inspect your refrigerator s condenser coil and thermostat regularly. Clean it if required. Also inspect the door gasket for any wear and tear. If you find it loose enough to grip, replace it.

8. Turn off all the lights which are not needed. This is an important point; people often leave the lights on unnecessarily that cause them high electricity bills.

9. Reduce the use of personal appliances means use them only when it is inevitable.

10. If you are not working on you computers, turn them off. To keep them on uselessly consume energy and cause high electricity bills.

11. Always keep your computers on sleep mode. This will help you to save energy when you are not at the desk or away doing some other work.