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Functionality and Decor With Eco-friendly Shower Curtains

Set up your very own eco bathroom by adding this to your bathroom!

Article taken off textilefurnishings.com

Functionality and Decor With Eco-friendly Shower Curtains

When it comes to bathroom décor, there will always be a new trend, something more daring and sophisticated than ever before. However, the decorating or remodeling of your bathroom interior should be a matter of personal taste, rather than one of going with the trend. And you can give a completely new and stylish look to your bathroom or add your personal touch without investing too much in the process. The little details are very important, and you might be surprised to see what a unique shower curtain can do to the décor of your bathroom.

With the variety of shower curtains available on the market today, it is virtually impossible not to find one that you will absolutely love. You could find the right shower curtain and build the rest of your bathroom around it, or you could look for the shower curtain that is most suitable to your exiting bathroom décor. Either way, your options are extremely varied. You can opt for one of the models that already exist in specialized shops (both online and in the real world), or you can choose to have a custom shower curtain and have something very personal or meaningful to you reproduced on your shower curtain. The effect will be great.

Specialized web sites are the ideal place to look for such new, sophisticated and modern shower curtains. They sell shower curtains in a wide range of materials, colors and designs, and they are constantly adding new models, so that you can have a truly unique shower curtain. For instance, the world map shower curtain is among the most popular choices of curtains online. Just imagine what your bathroom is going to look like once you’ve replaced your old and boring shower curtain with a world map shower curtain. Are you getting just a bit tired of the way your bathroom looks? Try a world map shower curtain for a change. You’ll be surprised how well it looks. You’re not into geography, and a world map shower curtain is not your style? Rest assured that there are many other models to choose from. Photographic shower curtains are something new and innovative. Adding your personal touch and giving your bathroom a fresh new look requires neither too much time nor too much money. One of these unique shower curtains will do the trick.

When it comes to the material of the shower curtain, once again you are presented with several choices. The most popular type of material for shower curtains is plastic, for reasons that are easy to understand. After all, your shower curtain still has to be functional. However, if you are going with the current trend in terms of protecting the environment, you might be interested in purchasing an eco-friendly shower curtain. The eco-friendly shower curtain is made of biodegradable plastic, namely polyethylene vinyl acetate. You can rely on it to serve its purpose just like any other kind of shower curtain. Furthermore, the eco-friendly shower curtain is available in many designs, including the world map model. And it is cheaper than many other models of unique shower curtains!

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Home Decor Tips for a Romantic Night In

Here's some advice on how you can have a night of romance!

Article taken off luxpresso.com

Home Décor Tips for a Romantic Night In

Here's what you can do:

Set a Beautiful Bespoke Table:
Using the free space on your dinner table to complement the romantic atmosphere. By paying attention to the colour palette. Add touches of red for table linen and off-setting these with neutral crockery are a sophisticated and traditional colour palette. Or use more audacious schemes, mixing deep mauves and reds with touches of gold or silver bringing richness to the overall setting.

Play with Lights:
If your dimmer switch doesn't turn down all the way to 'romantic', play with candles. For a romantic table setting, use candelabras of varying heights to cast a golden glow. The candle light will also reflect on the glassware, which will bring the whole scheme together.

Set the Right Mood:
Creating a lush environment by filling a living space like a living room with throw pillows and art deco bowls willed with petals.

Sex Up the Bedroom:
Switching your regular light bulbs for those that cast a pink or amber glow. If that's too much, use coloured sheer cloth to create said pink glow by placing them over lamp shades. Get high thread count sheets for you bed.

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Bedroom Design

No much more words to describe about bedroom design. Use your unlimited imagination to make the best bedroom design to supporting your general home themes. One thing for sure your bedroom design should be the comfortable place because it was your rest room. Choose little or much bedroom furniture in additional use. The lighting so, we have to think our bedroom lighting is the most relaxing to release our fatigue over the daily activity. Consult with the architect or bedroom designer to gain the best place to take a rest in our home part. Here some bedroom design i have choose to represent our bedroom design session.
contemporary bedroom design
green bedroom design
Pink Bedroom Design for Girl

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Sunshine Staircase and Hallway

Let's take a look on how you can actually convert a hallway into a commodious area!

Article taken off bbc.co.uk

Sunshine Staircase and Hallway

The bright yellow walls are complimented by a dado rail and wallpaper, to echo the hall's Victorian features.

Strip the walls, fill the gaps and then paint the walls a bright sunshine yellow.

Dado rail
Attach a dado rail at waist height on the wall. Below the rail, paste thick embossed paper to simulate a Victorian look. Paint the rail and the wallpaper white.

Remove the old stair and hall carpet. Strip the floorboards in the entrance hall and coat with a mix of 50% varnish, 50% white spirit for natural look.

Put down a new stair carpet. Choose a deep blue to add warmth to the floor area.

Finishing touches
Complete the look with a pine framed mirror and white church candles.

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Kitchen Set

When we need a food our mind straightly think "kitchen". The place which made to make any kind of food for our beloved family. Mother territorial some people name it. Sounds funny but it was the real fact, even now there are many man/ father who has cook in the kitchen. Little tips for your kitchen, if you have large kitchen room you may choose large kitchen appliances or big kitchen set, don't forget to mix and match with your desire themes. We may buy kitchen set by furniture store or online store. When you buying by online furniture store don't forget to ask the  insurance or m.o.u the furniture you bought in good condition in your hand. Here some kitchen set pictures of my collection you may like it, please enjoy.

Green Kitchen Design Modern Kitchen Set
Kitchen Set
Kitchen Sets Design
Kitchen Set
Kitchen Set
Minimalist Kitchen Sets Design
Minimalist Clean Kitchen Style
Modern Kitchen Set
Modern Kitchen Set Arrangement
Red-Kitchen Set
Unique-Kitchen-Set 2
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Top Tips for Choosing Bathroom Flooring

Renovating or designing a bathroom is a lot of work. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the floor for your bathroom.

Article taken off ideamarketers.com

Top Tips for Choosing Bathroom Flooring

Make a Small Bathroom Look Larger with the Right Kind of Floor
Most people have to deal with bathrooms that are relatively small. There's just no getting around it. However, there are ways to make a small bathroom look a lot larger. One of the best ways to do so is by choosing your flooring with care. A light-colored floor is one of the simplest yet most dramatic ways to give a small bathroom a much more spacious look and feel. Better still, use similar tones for the walls and the floor to create the illusion of a lot more space.

Why Ceramic Works Best
If you're looking for a bathroom floor material that is affordable, attractive and easy on bare feet, you should make a beeline for ceramic. This type of floor material can include many unique textures and designs that go along with virtually any interior design scheme. Ceramic is wonderfully waterproof, too, which is a critical point when it comes to designing a bathroom - nothing is worse than stepping onto a damp, soggy floor. Ceramic tiles are available in a breathtaking array of different styles, sizes and designs, too, making it a snap to get the look that is right for you.

Vinyl: A Suitable Choice
Vinyl feels great underfoot; it's also very waterproof and a snap to maintain. Best of all, vinyl flooring is very affordable. A wide variety of different patterns and designs are available, making it a versatile and exciting choice for the bathroom. Put vinyl near the top of your list if you want to stick to a strict budget while still achieving a stylish and attractive look.

The Trouble with Marble
Some people believe that marble is the be-all, end-all in terms of bathroom floors. However, marble is a highly porous material; it is also very soft. What that means is that it absorbs and retains moisture with ease. In the bathroom, that can spell major trouble. As beautiful and luxurious as marble may be, it is generally not a suitable choice for the bathroom.

Why Carpeting isn't Ideal for the Bathroom
While it's fine to throw down a few colorful rugs in a bathroom, having wall-to-wall carpeting installed isn't a very smart move. Carpet needs to stay as dry as possible; even if you are a stickler about not stepping onto your carpet with sopping wet feet, the moisture in the air will wreak plenty of havoc. While carpet feels wonderful beneath the feet, it just isn't a practical choice for the bathroom. Invest in a few cute area rugs and leave the carpeting for other parts of the home.

Want Wood? Try Laminate Flooring Instead
The idea of a luxurious wood floor in the bathroom may sound great, but it is fraught with all sorts of issues. A wood floor must be impeccably installed in order to stand a chance in the bathroom, where moisture and standing water can destroy it in no time flat. Plus, wood must be finished in a precise way in order to make a go of it. If you'd like the look of wood in a material that can withstand the perils of the bathroom, laminate flooring may be for you. It is available in many wood-style finishes that will make your bathroom look amazing.

Getting the Bathroom of Your Dreams
You don't have to sell yourself short when it comes to choosing a floor for your bathroom. There are many modern choices - like laminate floors and engineered wood floors - that allow you to enjoy the look of classic materials without all of the issues. Take your time in shopping for floors for your bathroom. Don't make your final decision until you have investigated every option. Most importantly, don't compromise on the look that you want. By checking out some of today's best options, it's more than possible to get the style that you need at an amazing price.

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Bathroom Design Ideas

One of the room that we need most in our home is the bathroom. Designing or use architect or designer will bring you the best bathroom you've ever need. They will manage the best bathroom design depend on our needs such as luxury bathroom design, minimalist bathroom design, small bathroom design, green bathroom design even outdoor bathroom design ideas. Below you'll find many pictures of bathroom design which i choose to represent any bathroom design i was talk about. Please enjoy it.
Luxury Bathroom Design
Luxury Bathroom Design
Luxury Bathroom Design
Luxury Bathroom Design
Luxury Bathroom Design
Minimalist Bathroom Design
Luxury Bathroom Design
Bathroom Design Ideas
Green Bathroom Design Ideas
Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas

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Have restful sleep with memory foam mattress

If you’ve made the decision to purchase a memory foam mattress, it is important to understand the features of this innovative mattress prior to purchase.

Article taken off decoratemyrooms.com

Have restful sleep with memory foam mattress

Decides all being constructed of the same material, memory foam, there are drastic differences between different memory foam mattresses.

One way in which memory foam mattresses vary from each other is the manner in which they respond to heat. You might think this doesn’t seem that important but if you understand how memory foam works, you’ll be surprised to find out that it actually does matter. Memory foam mattresses are made of foam which changes according to temperature. The foam then either softens or hardens depending upon this temperature. Cooler temperatures cause it to be firmer while warmer ones cause it to be softer. This is how the memory foam mattress is able to conform to your own body. It provides different levels of support along your entire body as the temperature varies along the length of your body. In this manner, pressure points are prevented from forming which allows you to sleep well.

Another factor to look at is the density of the mattress. This does vary significantly from mattress to mattress. Each mattress will give you information about its density. Density is important because it will tell you how durable the mattress is as well as how supportive it will be for your body. Generally, experts recommend that you purchase a memory foam mattress with a density as low as 5.3 pounds or as high as 6.2 pounds. These will last much longer over time and provide you with an appropriate amount of support. However, memory foam mattresses the have a density of 4.5 pounds or more are considered good. If you see a memory foam mattress with a density of 3 pounds to 4.5 pounds is considered a mid-grade of memory foam. Memory foam mattresses with density below 3.5 pounds it poor and really would not be a wise purchase. Take the time to select the mattress that will be an investment that will pay off every night you secure a restful sleep.

Popular Styles of Bathroom Design

The bathroom has come along way in the past one hundred years. Once just a basic tub set in front of the living room fire and filled with buckets of water, the bathing experience is now a luxury in almost every western home. Back then, a "bathroom" was something only the wealthy and privileged could afford to have in their house. It was this trend which lead to the mass production of bathroom products.
The Edwardian and Victorian styles of the time are still a popular choice today. They look exquisite in a villa or cottage bathroom, and never loose their appeal in terms of design.
Today, thanks to advanced plumbing and modern technology, the bathroom may well have evolved as far as it can. With luxury steam rooms and hydrotherapy baths, it's difficult to imagine how bathrooms could get any more sophisticated. That said, the bathroom, like any room in the house, is ever changing in terms of design trends.
Here we look at the five most popular styles of bathroom designs. Traditional, Country, Shabby chic, Contemporary and Fantasy.
The Traditional bathroom can mean either traditional in terms of Edwardian or Victorian style, or in respect to a standard white bathroom with basic sanitary ware and bath. Here, we'll be looking at the style of bathroom design where it all started. The Edwardian bathroom.
Over the past decade, with the popularity of TV shows like Changing Rooms, the trend for old-fashioned bathrooms has seen a real upsurge. A rare gem of an old slipper bath or rusty traditional faucet may be found at a scrap yard or in a skip, but thankfully manufacturers are keeping up with demand with skillfully crafted traditional bathroom products.
Certain rooms only work in certain houses, so if you're living in a modern high rise apartment the traditional bathroom isn't going to work for you. If you have an old cottage or villa retreat this style of bathroom is one you should definitely consider.
Almost always, the bath is the centre piece attraction of the traditional bathroom. A free-standing roll-top or slipper bath sits proudly on a dark polished floor, and only if going for a traditional continental style bathroom will an inset or sunken tub hold appeal. Either a wall-mounted faucet or a free-standing one looks classy. Deep ridges and curved angles are what makes the traditional sanitary ware what it is - bold and masculine.
When decorating a traditional bathroom both soft tones and bold colours can work well. Strong tones of browns, maroons and greens give a nice warmth to the room, but be sure the bathroom is well lit, maybe with a lavish chandelier. With the right colours, antique gold can look better than chrome. Go for curtains, never blinds. If going for a vanity unit rather than a traditional basin and pedestal, choose an oak or cherry finish; or the white Cynk vanity unit is a good look with traditional baths and toilets.
One of the most appealing things about the traditional bathroom is clutter gives it more of a lived-in effect, thus enhancing the traditional look. Don't be afraid to put plenty of pictures on the walls - black and white family portraits in gold frames are a good look. A chest of drawers or corner table with scented candles, aromatherapy oils or flowers will really bring the room to life. As a finishing touch an old style set of weighing scales, a large framed mirror or bulky traditional radiator will give the room that cozy old-fashioned feel.
The country style bathroom is perhaps the easiest type of design to create, and like the traditional bathroom only really works well within the right house. The classic country look is best associated with floral wallpaper, high beams, basin frills and a bath canopy. Following the traditional design, cast iron baths and deep ridged sanitary ware are what gives the country bathroom its nostalgic look.
Check, floral or plaid curtains are preferred over roller blinds, and shutters, though rare in England, offer a great form of privacy as well as adding to the country effect. Wood plays a big part in this look, and almost all furniture works well in this setting, especially beech, maple, ash and oak vanity units and cabinets.
Either tiles or wooden floors can be used. Tiles should be a rustic colour, and can be used to create elaborate mosaics. Wooden floors should be varnished to match the furniture. Decorating may see a stenciled motif used as a border, and the technique of rubbing paint on the walls with a sponge gives the room that worn natural look.
Toilets with high level cisterns and pull chains are very rare these days, but a must have for the country bathroom, as are traditional taps for the bath and basin. Just about any kind of free-standing bath will suit the country bathroom. If wishing to have a shower a tiled walk-in shower is the advisable option with a curtain to conceal the area.
For the final touch add wicker baskets filled with pot pouri, wire basket shelves and stylish wall lamps.
Shabby Chic
"Shabby chic", a relatively new phrase used to describe room designs, is an obscure blend of neglect and style. It is one of the most difficult bathroom designs to create, and it takes a bold decision to go for this bathroom style. It almost certainly achieves its full potential in a continental house, either a French chateau or old Spanish villa.
The absolute opposite of a fitted bathroom, the shabby chic look is a mismatch of styles and products. You can even do the unexpected, like put a put a refrigerator in the corner. Nothing is expected to match and pipework and plumbing are on show rather than concealed. This style is best suited to those who have inherited a bathroom and want to update it a little rather than fork out on a brand new bathroom suite.
The key to decoration is neutral tones with a few dark colors. For the walls choose a matte or flat wall paint. Pale golds and yellows work particularly well as does floral or check patterned wallpaper.
As with the country and traditional bathrooms, cast iron baths are a must. Either a roll-top or slipper bath will do, and although you don't want holes or rust, the more dilapidated it looks the better. Even consider running sandpaper over the paint work and claw feet. It's always worth looking out for old fittings at antique shops and car boot sales.
Counter top basins are highly recommended in this setting, and the look out for extremely unusual decorated designs. Place it on a washstand or run-down vanity unit. Add unique ornaments and antique framed mirrors.
Modern bathrooms are all about what you do with the space you have. Within many bathrooms there is little room to work with, so making the most of the space is essential. This is why fitted bathroom suites are now so popular. Having bathroom furniture made to measure is one of the most practical design solutions when remodeling the bathroom.
How many of us have had a bathroom with a cluttered airing cupboard? With the modern bathroom there's no need to cram your toiletries, towels and cleaning fluids around the boiler. With fitted vanity units, storage units and cabinets you'll have all the space you need.
When examining modern bathroom design, wall-hung furniture has to get a mention. White gloss will never go out of fashion, but more recently furniture finishes such as wenge, beech and maple have made a real emergence in popularity.
As well as the furniture, wall-hung sanitary ware is a great space-saving solution while giving the bathroom a contemporary feel. Also, concealed cistern units are a more eye-pleasing look than the standard close-coupled toilet.
Showerbaths are a great practical way of optimizing the space, so that you have the comfort of both bathing and showering. Walk-in showers are also very popular in the modern bathroom, and if buying a shower enclosure for the modern bathroom choose one with a chrome structure over white.
Chrome and stainless steel are the ultimate choice in the modern bathroom, and taps and bath mixers are available in a number of contemporary designs, rather than the traditional style faucets. Also, choose chrome towel rails over standard white radiators, as well as matching chrome accessories..
Don't be afraid to decorate with bold colours when tiling or painting, getting the contrast right with the chrome and the gloss. If using curtains be subtle with the designs and colours, but preferably go for stylish roller blinds.
Daring to be anything more than conventional, the fantasy bathroom design lets you be truly innovative with your fantasies and tastes. With the emphasis on futuristic, this style of bathroom is the antithesis of the traditionalist.
The fantasy design is ideally exclusive to only larger bathrooms, as with all futuristic interior design large open spaces are what brings the room together. Steam cabins and whirlpool baths are the ideal choice for showering and bathing. Or combine the two will a well designed bath screen and a glass shower panel. Because of their minimal effect, Walk-in showers also work well with modern tiling, chrome shower fixtures and classy shower lighting.
For the sanitary ware go with wall-hung or standard close-coupled toilet and basin with pedestal with acute angles and a contemporary design. Abstract towel rails and wenge wall-hung furniture fit well in the fantasy bathroom, giving it that calm almost surreal look.
The ultimate luxury in a fantasy bathroom would have to be a waterproof TV. You could even think of doubling the bathroom up as gym, complete with exercise bike and rowing machine.
Ornaments should be unobtrusive, so choose things like small piles of pebbles and modern wall prints over candles and nick-nacks.
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Kitchen Remodeling Top 10 Tips

1. Determine a Kitchen Layout that Suits your Needs
Ever find yourself in the kitchen at a house party or during the holidays? It's safe to say the kitchen is the heart of the home and over the last 50 years the kitchen has moved from the back of the house, to the center of attention (and one of the best ways to increase your home's value see "10 tips to increase your home's value"). Once a dead end in the house, the kitchen's contemporary application is often found in a "great room" setting promoting a home's open floor plan. Although the kitchen's modern appeal has doubled it into a social gathering space, one thing has remained the same:
Most of us are probably familiar with the work-triangle. This refers to the optimal relationship between the sink, stove, and refrigerator, being spaced no more than 6 feet apart. A proper "work-triangle" is designed to reduce needless steps while cooking in the kitchen.
2. Use Quality Materials
Cabinets provide the heart and soul of the kitchen as well as help set the tone and style of your entire home. Whether you prefer a traditional look or a contemporary kitchen, the drawer fronts and cabinet doors you pick accentuate the beauty of the kitchen, while also determining much of its durability. It is essential to consider both the aesthetics, including color and style, along with the function and strength of the material. As a major portion of the kitchen budget, balancing beauty, durability and cost are vital to a successful cabinet choice.
Although there is a multitude of different cabinet materials available, solid hardwoods, wood veneers and synthetics are currently the most popular.
Common Solid hardwoods:
Alder: This solid hardwood has remained popular due to lower cost, broad range of available stain colors, and subtle grain appearance. Alder's natural nut brown undertones allow it to take stain similar to a light colored maple, a dark walnut, or even a red cherry. It is a softer wood within the hard wood category, so not that tough. Great economical choice for raised panel stained wood with a high end look in the rustic and traditional kitchen styles.
This solid hardwood maintains its popularity due to its great versatility of use coupled with a reasonable cost. The subtle grain and natural nut brown undertones opens the alder to a variety of stain options. Well stained alder can have the appearance of many other wood types including light colored maple, dark walnut, or even a red cherry. Alder is a bit softer than other hardwoods so it may not be quite as resistant to wear and tear. Overall, it makes a great economical choice for decorative raised panel, stained wood giving a high end finished look best suited to rustic and traditional kitchen styles.
Poplar: Good economical choice for painted kitchen. Difficult to stain due to natural green undertones. Softer end of the hardwood spectrum, less durable than a maple, oak, and a little softer than alder. For the white French country style kitchen, painted poplar will give you the same look as maple at a lower cost, but it will not resist nicks. Typical used for high end decorative painted trim such as white wainscoting and crown moldings in tradition and French country kitchens.
Cherry: Higher end material choice that carries good durability and a rich red undertone. Often found in formal and refined traditional kitchens. Alder is an economical substitute that will achieve the same refined look at the sacrifice of durability.
Maple A very hard wood with a mild grain pattern. This material can take a natural stain, dark stain, or hold paint with a high level of durability. Cost is higher than poplar as a paint grade alternative and alder as a stain grade alternative but the maple will hold up better over the long run.
Wood veneers - Most any wood commonly used for hardwood doors is available is in thin sheets called veneer which are applied over resin particle board or MDF (medium density fiberboard). This type of door construction accomplishes a clean look with a natural wood finish often found in contemporary kitchens. A kitchen cabinet door cannot resist warping when fabricated in a flat wide style, so a wood veneer is used to create the appearance of a solid wood door without losing stability. When selecting specific veneer wood, the hardness plays a large factor in long term durability. Maple and cherry are the toughest, while alder and poplar are the softest or least durable. Cost is often pretty comparable to a solid raised panel door of similar wood species.
Synthetics - Process is similar to the above mentioned wood veneer, with the exception that the veneer material is a PVC substance that typically possesses more durability and lower cost. Often used in commercial applications and utilitarian residential. applications such as garages and laundry rooms.
3. Decide Whether to Paint or Stain
The debate continues, to paint or to stain! I'll leave my biases out of this one (even though stain is easier to maintain, paint is often still preferred) and list the major pro's and con's:
  • Stain
  • Colors come in variety of shades
  • Repair and touch-ups are easier. Easier to keep your cabinets looking good for a long time.
  • Less expensive and fewer steps.
  • Distressing or glazing make the maintenance easier.
  • Great choice for the Do It Yourselfer's
  • Paint
  • Probably the most popular look amongst home owners.
  • More process steps than stain and more expensive to finish.
  • Touch-ups can be difficult.
  • Refinished often requires professionals to match your existing colors.
  • On average 10-12% more expensive than stain ($2,000 more on a $20,000 kitchen packet).
4. Choose Appropriate Colors
This might seem like the simplest of things to do in a kitchen remodel, but choosing the right colors can either bring harmony to a room, or a create a wrong impression. In basic color theory, colors have different meanings and are generally either stimulating or relaxing. Here is a list of the colors of the rainbow and their meanings:
  • Red: Stimulating/Increases Appetite
  • Orange: Stimulating/ Increases Appetite
  • Yellow: Stimulating/ Increases Appetite
  • Green: Relaxing/Balance
  • Blue: Relaxing/Decreases Appetite
  • Indigo: Relaxing/Decreases Appetite
  • Violet: Balance/Relaxing/Decreases Appetite
The kitchen should be a combination of both relaxing and stimulating colors. It is difficult to work in a kitchen that is too relaxing but at the same time shouldn't be too stimulating that it makes you hungry.
5. Break the Horizontal Line
Stagger the height, length, and depth of wall cabinets. Horizontal lines at the top and bottom row of cabinets can make a kitchen look rigid and static. A break from the horizontal line can give your kitchen remodel an updated look.
6. Build Bridges, Not Walls. Islands and Peninsulas are the New Kitchen Walls
Over the last 30 or so years, the open floor plan has become increasingly popular and the function of a great room (containing kitchen, dining, and living space) is becoming the norm. Many remodels we've done in the past have been transforming compartmentalized floor plans into a contemporary, open floor plan by knocking down any barrier walls between kitchen and living room. Instead of walls defining the kitchen's borders, peninsulas and islands provide a better alternative. They prevent the kitchen from spilling over visually into other spaces, and also allow the cook to maintain visual and conversation contact with family members and guests.
7. Find a Creative Contractor with Expertise and Realistic Ideas
There's no one size fits all approach to kitchen remodeling (or home remodeling in general). That's why it's important to find a contractor that has access to designers capable of creating unique solutions specific to your kitchen's needs. A popular model contractors are beginning to use is the design/build model.
Traditional remodels typically involve an architect or designer, an engineer, and a general contractor. The design/build model combines all three into one convenient package. Allowing one company to oversee your kitchen remodeling project saves you money and headaches. In addition, a creative contractor will offer practical design solutions that may otherwise have been overlooked.
An example is creatively using the existing kitchen footprint which saves money on flooring, plumbing, and other minor expenses allowing money to be dispersed on larger features of the kitchen remodel.
8. Selecting the Right Kitchen Countertop
Countertops are important to your kitchen because they can help give your kitchen a particular tone that represents your lifestyle. If you have been looking around, then you are probably aware by now that there are numerous alternatives to granite or laminate.
9. Selecting the Right Kitchen Sink
Kitchen remodels are everything AND the kitchen sink. When it comes to the kitchen sink, the function will usually outweigh the looks. Sinks come in an array of styles, but it is important to consider how you plan to use your kitchen sink. It is also important to choose a sink appropriate to the size of your kitchen.
It is recommended for kitchens less than 150 sqft to use a standard 22x24-in. single bowl. For larger kitchens there are multiple bowl options and it is often recommended to consider a secondary bar sink if multiple cooks will be in the kitchen.
10. Light your Kitchen Appropriately
What good is the your perfect kitchen remodel if you can't SEE its features? If you are fortunate enough to be situated near windows, use them! Nothing beats natural lighting. But what about at night or in cases where you don't have any windows? That's when using a combination of ambient, task, and natural lighting comes in hand.
Pendant lightings are typically used as task lighting above a kitchen island or peninsula. They serve as a perfect design element that accentuates the tone of your kitchen.
Under mount lighting is a nice way to add luminosity to areas otherwise void in your kitchen. They're a great way to accent your kitchen's features such as a special tile backsplash or glassware.
Recessed lighting is by far the most popular way to light a kitchen. It has become a standard choice of lighting in contemporary homes.
Rob Pankow is the President of Pankow Construction located in the heart of Phoenix, AZ specializing in Kitchen, Bathroom, and Major Home Remodeling.

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