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Bed Sheets Buying Tips

There's more to buying Bedsheets than you think!

Article taken off textilefurnishings.com

Bed Sheets Buying Tips

Looking for the comfort in your bedroom and guessing what is missing? Yes, you are right. It is your bed sheet that is demanding a change. But buying the most appropriate bed sheets to complete the comfort requirement and the bed and bedroom furnishings, demands the understanding of its different buying aspects. So read here the complete bed sheet buying tips before spending money.

Measure Your Bed And Mattress For Bed Sheet Size
Size of the bed sheet depends upon the size of bed and mattress. There is a possibility of having twin, double, queen or king size bed. But you will wonder that there is no such exact measurement for different beds as it tends to differ with makers. Along with bed, it is the mattress that decides the bed sheet size. Mattress can have extra thickness and pillow tucks.

So now if you have a king size bed and a mattress that has extra thickness and also has a provision for pillow tucks, you need bed sheet larger than king size bed.

Knowing this, take care of bed size while buying a bed sheet, otherwise you will buy a bed sheet that won't wind around the edges. You can know the bed sheet size from its pack as every package of sheet contains its measurement. So pay full attention to this aspect and measure your mattress and bed before shopping for bed sheets.

Learn About Thread Count
Softness of bed sheet depends upon the thread count or TPI, which means the number of threads per square inch of the fabric. More the thread count more will be the softness. You can find bed sheet having 150 to 1000 or more thread count. The bed sheet having 250 thread counts are very comfortable. But if you buy a bed sheet having less thread count then these will be rough and uneasy.

Choosing The Right Material
The world out there is full of bed sheets in wide range of material.

The fabric can be:

The selection of the material again should be done while keeping in mind the comfort as well as purpose. If you are looking for a bed sheet for a sound night sleep then there is nothing better than cotton fabric. This material is most widely used and perfect for every season as it is cool in summers and snuggly in winters.

But on the other hand if you are shopping for a luxury bed sheet then go for silk, organza or satin fabric. Here you will have to take care of proper fit as these bed sheets tends to slip if not properly tucked in. Your bedroom in winters is not complete without having a flannel or jute bedsheets. The flannel material is very warm and soft where as jute do gives warmness but bit on rough side.

Pay Attention To Your Interior Decor
While selecting a bed sheet make sure to select the one that fits into your bedroom furnishing theme. Comforters, curtains, throws, cushions, bed spreads /bed-spread.html and other furnishing material must coordinate with each other to create a sync. Here keep in mind the color, pattern, style and design of the bed sheet. If your bed covers, comforters etc are light in color then choose the appropriate bed sheet. If you have other furnishing material having embroidery and small pattern then selection of bed sheet must be done according to that.

Read The Laundry Instructions
Caring for bed sheets as per instructions of the manufacture will give more life to bed sheets. Silk bed sheets need to be dry cleaned so you cannot wash these in machine or with hand. Cotton bed sheets can be comfortably washed at home. So read these instruction and buy what you can do and afford.

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