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10 tips to decorate an entryway

Let's see how you can perfect an entryway to your home!

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10 tips to decorate an entryway

The access to every house, its entryway or hallway, can give people an idea of the feel of the interiors of the house. An impressive hallway will make your guests wonder about the interiors and they will be eager to explore the place further. You need not necessarily have a big hallway to make it charming. Even a small entryway can be decorated just as beautifully.

Here are a few tips to decorate your hallway.

* Consider cleanliness of the floor of prime importance as a clean entry will prove most welcoming. Use good and attractively designed rugs or mats on the floor to keep the area clean.

* Choose an appropriate space to place a medium sized table with a vase for decoration. You can use artificial flowers in the vase. In case you use actual flowers, then they will need to be changed everyday. The table top could either be wood or glass, both look attractive. If you prefer wood then you can use a pretty carved table.

* Mirrors are also a good option for entryways since they can create a nice effect when combined with the lighting of the place.

* Lighting of the hallway can work wonders for the objects in the area. As mentioned above, the combination of mirrors and lights can create an enticing view. You can use dim, smoky lights instead of bright ones since it gives the desired effect especially in the evenings.

* You can also place plants, creepers that provide greenery to the area and a refreshing view to people entering the house.

* Using candles, potpourri and air fresheners may reduce the chances of unwanted odor that may have dominated the air earlier.

* Utility items like a coat hanger or a closet or an umbrella stand may be placed for the benefit of the guests.

* If you want to give your hallway a personal touch, you may put family photographs or arrange collectibles, musical instruments, silk or crape draperies.

* Match all articles in correspondence with the color scheme of the hallway.

* Wind chimes or decorative bells are also preferred by some but put them up only if you are not bothered by the faint tinkling sounds. Wooden wall sculptures and candle brackets look stunning in the entryway.

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