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Christmas Color Trends: 2011

Ho ho ho... It's time to prepare for Christmas!

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Christmas Color Trends: 2011

There are some colors that are considered to be linked with Christmas, but the truth is that each season comes with a new color palette, and maybe this is something you would like to keep in mind when preparing the decorations for the holidays.

Silver and green
According to the specialists regarding trend, this year people should be thinking about having silver and a bright green mixture. The end result that you will have is a kind of frosted greenery that reflects the spirit of the season. You might be amazed how well the two colors work together.

Crimson and cream
Let’s face it: red and white have always been the colors of Christmas, but in this case it does matter what kind of hue we are referring to. The good thing about this color scheme is that you can keep the decorations simple with their help, but still have that warm and holiday-ish feeling.

It is just normal to be looking for items that sparkle and that are glittery, and this is why there is nothing better than to opt for golden decorations. Naturally you have to make sure that you won’t overdo, because the gold color has a huge impact, and at a moment it might be just too much.

This color is the most suitable for those people who have gotten bored with the classic colors, or simply they don’t like them. The good thing about turquoise is that it is a ‘happy’ color, so that it could make a room look brighter, and it also has an elegant touch to it.

Pink and metallic
The truth is that pink isn’t one of the traditional colors, but still it managed to make it to the list of the trendiest colors of the season. The color is the most suitable for the women who don’t mind showing their girlish and romantic side, or for the families who have a little girl among them.

One of the most elegant colors of the Christmas time is the blue. At this moment we are referring to the darker hue that works out with many other colors as well. You could match it with white, silver or gold, and for sure you will be happy with the end result. As you can see there are numerous color schemes to be looking for, so all you have to do is choose.

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