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Best Roofing System for the Beautiful Porch

Deck and Porch Roof Design
Sometimes all bright sun on your deck is a bad surprise, a sudden summer rain. Usually this is due to the imperfect roof design. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we can design and build a roof  that provides a more comfortable tasteful outdoor living space in a variety of specifications. Let us update your porch or deck  with a professional roof design installed as mentioned below, the roofing system without maintenance. Give yourself, family and friends with many hours of pleasure, what mother nature has in store. Specialist of roof design usulally offer a wide open view of the terrace or balcony. Instead of poles every 8 feet, roofing contractor cover our poles and columns as broad as permitted by the specifications of the subdistrict regulations.
From the edge or the top of the roof to the gutter, roofing contractor will create the perfect roof to accentuate the look of your home. We have to choice the best materials available to ensure our satisfaction is priority number one. The specifications as follows are a requirement which is always the best choice for a good roofing contractor:
  • Selected 5 / 4 inch premium ultrawood " ACQ .
  • Longlife Premium Grade ultrawood "ACQ" wood.
  • Decks to be built on 6 inch x 6 inch ultrawood "ACQ" timbers.
  • Timbers will be placed on concrete footer 36 inch below the grade.
  • 2 inch x 8 inch or 2 inch x 10 inch joists set 16 inch on center.
  • Not Galvanized ring shank nails TLN .    
  • All wood floors properly bolted to the frame of the existing building.
  • The safety fence is designed by considering the aspect of safety for children and beauty of the  home.
Beautiful Porch

Comfortable Porch

Best-Roofing Contractor-Design Ideas

Best Roofing Design

Roofing Contractor Design Idea

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