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Fence option

Fence or railing is part of a property that is not less important than the building itself. As the dividing line between public and private areas, fences have an important role to maintain safety and security. Each of the design and look of the fence can give a different impression. For example, a fence of high wall will give rise to an impression of closed, robust, and secure. While the iron fence that opens, will give rise to an impression of light and friendly.
Before choosing the design and look of the fences for residential dreams, it's good You follow first reference here.

If you choose wood for fencing material, choose the type of occupancy of the wood a strong blow against the weather outside. Several alternative wood for exterior is wood, Ironwood, ulin or merbau. Picket fence will give rise to the impression of natural and natural and can be used in many different types of modern minimalist house, well, tropical, and classical. Because it looks natural, wood fence can usually easily. For optimal protection, paint a wood fence with good paint product.

Vinyl is a type of similar plastic resin material made from chlorine and ethylene. The name is taken from the term vinyl polyvinylchloride or PVC. The advantages of this type of fence is a strong material, able to endure long, not easily fade, light, accurate and practical in size, installation process. The disadvantage of this type of fence, tend to be less flexible in terms of design due to the limited model. In addition, the vinyl fence is still rarely used in development country because of the larger market trends point to an iron fence, wood or brick walls. Nevertheless, the current type of vinyl fence is already found in many building materials supermarket in a wide choice of models and colors.
If the convenience and practicality of the installation process becomes your priority, vinyl fence is the answer.

Aluminum material can also be an alternative to the fence, especially if you prefer a decorative element comparable privacy or security. If you want to show the beauty of the landscape and buildings without having to shut down and obstruct the view, aluminum fence can be the right choice.
Like the vinyl fence, aluminum fence is also available in a wide selection of ready-made models that facilitate you in the process of installation. Use Jotun Gardex Premium as a practical solution to coat aluminum material with perfect and optimal.

In some wealthy nations or countries that have potential as a producer of iron ore, iron fence is commonly used because it is easy to find on the market and flexibility in the selection of the design. A common type of iron is the metal with the chosen hollow size 4 x 4.2″ x °, 4 °, or 4 ° x 6 °. Processes need to pass some stages. First, iron needs to be forged in advance by using the las. After the process is finished, and then coated with paint. Because processes can be customized, the iron fence models can be tailored to your wishes and meet the needs of many different types of home.
For finishing, paint products with excellence anti fungal, anti rust, 100% lead free, 100% mercury free, low odor, optimized drying time remains the best option to protect material of iron.

 In addition to the 4 options, other materials commonly chosen is a regular wall fence made of brick and natural stone. For bricks, you can choose natural style (exposed brick) or diaci and covered with paint. The second option to use natural stone or stone-like stone Temple is commonly taken to display her impression of natural eskterior in the House.
If the bricks be your choice,  paint walls with a good paint product that is able to protect the walls from exposure to the weather outside. If the natural stone to be your choice, apply the paint coating as protection.
So some alternative material to choose from for your residential fencing. His has drawbacks and advantages which can be adjusted with the convenience and needs of the residents. In addition, consider some other factors such as the model or design, the function of protection or decorative functions, ease of installation, and his daily care.

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