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73rd Street Penthouse by Turett Collaborative Architects

View this elegant penthouse...

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73rd Street Penthouse by Turett Collaborative Architects

Turett Collaborative Architects, the architecture firm that designed the penthouse with a steel slide in the East Village, has recently completed another innovative space, this one a triplex penthouse on the Upper East Side. A spokesperson for the firm tells us “the attention to detail on this [project] is unusually high — even by our standards.” This was driven by the client, who was interested in unique solutions rather than compromises.

The 73rd Street Penthouse, It was a nice collaboration between client and architects where homeowner traveled with architect Wayne Turrett to a remote quarry in the Swiss alps to hand pick the stone for the double-height wall around the 15-foot-wide fireplace. This penthouse is breathtaking, really beautiful and elegant. The wide spaces, bright colors, stone and wood combinations are amazing and create a modern and cozy place.

The kitchen counter has an integrated double sink. The appliances are built into the wall.

The second floor, overlooking the living room.

The master bathroom shower and seamless tub is in an all glass room. The glass is clear, but can turn opaque for privacy at the flip of a switch.

Here the opaque shield is “on” for privacy.

The master bedroom.

A trough sink with two faucets. The toilet, which is attached to the wall, seems to float.

Water trickles down from a fixture in the ceiling.

The stairway from the second to third floor.

Stair tread detail. They cast warm, orange-tinted shadows through the halls.

Top floor.

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