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Traditional Japanese Houses

Japanese House
Traditional Japanese houses are usually designed with a high attention to cultural values​​, warmth, courtesy, courage and beauty.
Manifestation of some aspects that affect the design of Japanese houses are dominated by utilizing wood base materials. Originally, the walls of the house is designed in such a way made ​​from thin wood, showing the Japanese people are not people who are full of secrets. All completely open. Take a look at a specific door, opened by sliding, it is very practical, there are moves left and right, there is also an up and down.

Japanese Living Room Design

When we enter into the house, will we see a graceful simplicity, the form of seat and desk. The living room was a specific and unique. Around the world, only the Japanese who have this style. In the living room, built a small stage as a retreat walled shrine, a focus, a self-psychological orientation in the house, called tokonoma. Sometimes replaced with another painting, or a poem with the art on display exquisite calligraphy, for the sake of conversation about poetry or exchange of wisdom, knowledge culture.


Japanese coffee table

 Japanese culture is one of the world's wealth till now still held in high esteem by the Japanese society, including in terms of designing a house. Confidence in the merging of Shinto with natural, beating the cold that hit the skin of their bodies. The walls of their home is much thinner than brick walls, made ​​of boards and paper specifically designed to be used as a wall. The shape of the box, striped, but decorated with ornaments typical Japanese painting, showing a noble cultural values​​. It turned out that the box design, and horizontal stripes that look impressive minimalist, now many people enjoy and emulate its design

Japanese porch

Modern Japanese House Design.

Modern Japanese Bedroom

Modern Livingroom Design

Modern Japanese Kitchen Design

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