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Top 10 Ways to Use Expensive Fabric on a Budget

Let's see how you can handle your high end fabric on a budget way...

Article taken off home-designing.com

Top 10 Ways to Use Expensive Fabric on a Budget

So you’ve found a fabric you absolutely love, but it is just too expensive to use everywhere in your room. What to do? Buy less of it and use every inch wisely. Here’s how.

1. Pillow Front

Whether your pillow is a small rectangular accent pillow or a larger bed sham, using expensive fabric on the front of the piece is a terrific way to highlight it. Be sure to center the pattern on the top and make an edge with a plain fabric or even a pleated grosgrain ribbon for a finished look.

2. Flanged Edge on a Pillow

A flanged border is simply a strip of fabric folded in half and sewn into the pillow seam (where the pillow front is stitched to the pillow back). You’ll want to cut a strip of fabric the perimeter of your pillow, plus another 12 inches or so, to allow for pleats or gathering at each corner.

3. Table Runner or Tablecloth

Flat pieces are always easy sewing projects. Even if you don’t sew, you may be able to use an iron-on fusible webbing or even fabric glue to finish the fabric’s raw edges. Be sure to test your preferred hemming technique on a scrap of fabric to make sure you get the look you desire.

4. Valance or Cornice

In past years, valances were traditionally gathered onto curtain rods using lots of gathers (and lots of fabric). Valances and cornices are now much simpler and many styles require only flat panels of fabric which will generally require minimal yardage.

5. Drapery Border

The leading edges (or center split) of a pair of draperies are the vertical edges closest to the center of a window. Dress up this seam with a flat border of expensive fabric, sewn into drapery panels made of less expensive yard goods. A great look, for much less.

6. Border or Hem

Whether you decide on a contrasting hem for a bed skirt, drapery panel, or a tablecloth, borders and hems are another good way to spread an expensive fabric you love around your room.

7. Slipcover an Ottoman

Many ottomans or foot stools are small and rectangular – and thus are easy to slipcover to get a new, fresh look. You might make the slipcover out of your chosen fabric, or just use it on the top section or as a hem around the bottom.

8. Chair Cushion

Sewing a chair cushion may be a more advanced sewing project. However these items are usually small and require about 1/2 yard for every 2 cushions (assuming the back of the cushion is made of a contrasting fabric.)

9. Flat Panel Café Curtain

Forget the fussy gathers and measured pinch pleats. Next time you need to cover the bottom half of a window (for privacy or just for color), consider designing a flat panel curtain. It will not only be easier to sew, you’ll get the full benefit of any pattern, since it won’t get “lost” in the gathers.

10. Fabric Trim or Welting

Though you’ll see very little of a fabric when used in welting or cording, there are some fabrics that will stand out wonderfully in this application. Look for bright colors, small patterns, or elegant stripes that can all make lovely welting.

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