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How to Feng Shui the Bedroom - Colors and Object Placement

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How to Feng Shui the Bedroom - Colors and Object Placement

Ask yourself whether you feel that your bedroom is a peaceful sanctuary, your favorite spot of retreat and a wonderful love nest or not. If the answer is no, maybe there is something wrong with your bedroom feng shui. A simple rearrangement of furniture and a little tweak in the color theme may be able to enliven your bedroom quite a bit.

Feng shui (pronounced fung-shway) literally means "wind and water." It is an ancient Chinese art of space arrangement, object placement and decoration. In feng shui practice, everything is categorized into either yin or yang. Yin conveys slowness, relaxation, passivity, coldness, gentleness and tranquility. Yang, on the other hand, stands for rapidity, excitement, vigor, heat, hardness and restlessness. The fundamental idea of feng shui is to arrange things in a way that keeps yin and yang in good balance so that the "life force or spiritual energy" called "chi" can flow through all objects in your home freely.

This notion applies to bedroom feng shui as much as the rest of your home. A good bedroom feng shui should depict a sense of comfort and safety, create a romantic atmosphere for lovers, and invigorate sleepers for a new day. According to all feng shui gurus, if you keep everything in good balance and allow chi to flow freely, longevity, contentment, success and prosperity will also come. Everything that surrounds us, so to speak, affects our life.

On a higher level, feng shui can get quite complicated. If you hire a professional feng shui consultant to help decorate your bedroom, a lot of things will be called into consideration. For example, in which direction your bedroom faces, in what year your home was constructed, your birthdate, your partner's birthdate, other buildings surrounding your home, etc. But of course, not all of us can afford to hire a feng shui consultant. So we will just have to do it ourselves! And the good news is it's not that difficult. Here you will learn some basic feng shui precepts, applicable to all types of bedroom.

In feng shui, colors are divided into two groups. Yin colors are supposed to soothe your soul and help you relax whereas yang colors tend to motivate and excite you. As a bedroom is a place for retreat, yin colors should be dominant. Having too much yang will stir up too much tension and stop you from relaxing. However, your bedroom should not completely lack the yang energy, for having too much yin can cause languidness and the lack of motivation.

Color Feng Shui for Good Health and Longevity

Green and blue are said to be the colors that can enhance our health. Feng shui practitioners believe that the color green symbolizes longevity, growth and rebirth while the color blue represents calmness, flexibility and inner peace. To paint your bedroom walls green or to use it as the theme color is like bringing nature into your room. It can revitalize those who have been ill and be the soul tonic to those who are already healthy. Similarly, decorating your bedroom with the color blue is believed to be good for relaxation and meditation. When your mind becomes more refreshed, your body will do the same.

Color Feng Shui for Wealth and Career

Red, purple and gold, according to feng shui masters, can induce good luck and prosperity. However, they are yang colors, therefore you should not use too much of these shades in your bedroom where you are supposed to rest and relax. Use them as accent colors, instead.

Black, white and gray are the colors that can improve luck in your career. Black symbolizes good income and insightfulness. White represents creativity and mental strength. And gray is said to create the sense of self-empowerment and confidence. Keep in mind that even though black is a yin color, it tends to absorb negative chi when you use too much of it to decorate your home.

Color Feng Shui for Romance and Relationship

The best colors for enhancing your love life are pink, yellow and orange. Feng shui practitioners believe that pink can create positive energy for all couples both in terms of sexual fulfillment and selfless love. Yellow can induce acceptance and tolerance, though using too much yellow to decorate your bedroom may create anxiety. Orange, the vibrant blend of red and yellow, can lend passion and undertstanding to you and your partner.

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