Minggu, 17 April 2011

Sunshine Staircase and Hallway

Let's take a look on how you can actually convert a hallway into a commodious area!

Article taken off bbc.co.uk

Sunshine Staircase and Hallway

The bright yellow walls are complimented by a dado rail and wallpaper, to echo the hall's Victorian features.

Strip the walls, fill the gaps and then paint the walls a bright sunshine yellow.

Dado rail
Attach a dado rail at waist height on the wall. Below the rail, paste thick embossed paper to simulate a Victorian look. Paint the rail and the wallpaper white.

Remove the old stair and hall carpet. Strip the floorboards in the entrance hall and coat with a mix of 50% varnish, 50% white spirit for natural look.

Put down a new stair carpet. Choose a deep blue to add warmth to the floor area.

Finishing touches
Complete the look with a pine framed mirror and white church candles.

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